Bradley Manning Supporters Flash Mob at SF Pride

SF Pride insists the Bradley Manning controversy was over… but with a contingent of aprox. 2,000 supporters in the largest non-corporate group to march, I think they’re wrong. This flashmob was a small part of their presence on the parade route today. Advertisements

SF Pride Manning Controversy Continues After Community Forum

If you believe SF Pride, the community forum on May 31st was the final discussion regarding the Bradley Manning controversy and now that they’ve released a statement we can move on. Releasing a statement that said, “Over the past several weeks, SF Pride has sought to respectfully listen to and consider the various opinions and … Continue reading

Bradley Manning: SF Pride Still Doesn’t Get Why People Are Upset

San Francisco Pride would really like you to forget the whole Bradley Manning issue. After Manning was nominated to be honored by former Grand Marshals of the city’s yearly Pride Parade, the announcement was made public, some veterans and LGBT groups protested, SF Pride retracted the honor, faced community protests, changed its tactics, and was … Continue reading