This Massacre Was a Hate Crime – UCSB, Isla Vista, Feminism and One Alumnus’s Thoughts

An abandoned shoe in Isla Vista in 2008 Friday night there was a stabbing and shooting in my alma mater, UC Santa Barbara. I heard the news via facebook mere minutes after a young man drove through the center of Isla Vista in a black BMW shooting. For those unfamiliar with the community, UC Santa … Continue reading

Oximity Teaser

If you want to know what I’m working on these days… here’s a little teaser from Oximity!

Microsoft & Apple; Facebook & Yahoo

It strikes me as odd the two biggest stories my friends are sharing online both have two tech giants and involve laws and social norms but in entirely different contexts. I’d applaud Microsoft and Apple for demanding the National Organization for Marriage boycott them for their support of civil unions, and same-sex marriage over the … Continue reading