Belated #RightsCon Reflection

The second day of the Silicon Valley Human Rights Conference felt very different to me. It began the same way – professionals in the hallway grabbing coffee and fruit before listening to speeches, watching critiques on the on stage content from the peanut gallery on twitter and then I remembered something… I’m sometimes an activist. … Continue reading

(Ladies!) Think Big….

Great speech by Sheryl Sandberg that you can read here. My favorite parts… Their book is a call to arms, to give women all over the world, women who are exactly like us except for the circumstances into which they were born, basic human rights. Compared to these women, we are lucky.  In America, as … Continue reading

Blogging? Again… Not on Blogger?

This is a placeholder post. Josh told me I should be blogging because my tweets are hard to follow and I should be blogging instead. And he’s not the first person to tell me this recently, but every time I blog it happens for a few weeks and then burns out. Or the trip ends … Continue reading