Microsoft Demos How to Be Sexist Jerks to Gamers at E3 (TRIGGER WARNING)

“I can’t even block correctly and you’re too fast,” she says. He replies, “Just let it happen. It will be over soon.” The audience laughs “Wow, you like this,” the man continues. “No, I don’t like this,” she replies. It might sound like the dialog you’d hear regarding a sexual assault you might be surprised … Continue reading

You Don’t Have Digital Privacy Thanks To PRISM

If you reconsidered using Verizon after discovering that the NSA was collecting your phone records, you should probably turn your computer off now. In another stunning publication the Guardian reported today about a program called PRISM which has been monitoring 9 large tech companies and thus most likely your email. This program allows the NSA … Continue reading

Google Wallet – E-Commerce Just Got Some New Competition.

Google Wallet Newest Feature Will Have E Commerce Running For Cover Watch out PayPal, Square, VenMo, WePay, and everyone else in the mobile payment market. The 800-pound gorilla of tech is now in the ring. On Wednesday Google announced at Google I/O, their annual developer conference, a new feature named Google Wallet. Google Wallet is … Continue reading

Immigration Reform 2013: Mark Zuckerberg’s Lobbying Group Has Already Lost Key Donors

Mark Zuckerburg’s forays into political action aren’t proving to be successful. After launching on Aprill 11, Zuckerberg’s lobbying group has managed to quickly anger allies and lose support from key donors. As the organization defines itself, “ is an organization started by key leaders in the tech community to promote policies to keep the … Continue reading

Microsoft & Apple; Facebook & Yahoo

It strikes me as odd the two biggest stories my friends are sharing online both have two tech giants and involve laws and social norms but in entirely different contexts. I’d applaud Microsoft and Apple for demanding the National Organization for Marriage boycott them for their support of civil unions, and same-sex marriage over the … Continue reading

Belated #RightsCon Reflection

The second day of the Silicon Valley Human Rights Conference felt very different to me. It began the same way – professionals in the hallway grabbing coffee and fruit before listening to speeches, watching critiques on the on stage content from the peanut gallery on twitter and then I remembered something… I’m sometimes an activist. … Continue reading

RIP Steve Jobs

My facebook wall is flooded. My twitter stream is overwhelmingly monolithic in perspective. Google is simply and elegantly stating the truth. Apple has a simple image, minimalistic text, elegantly design. It begins to hit home: Steve Jobs is dead. He is a man who’s influence is bigger than perhaps any contemporary will ever be able … Continue reading

Thoughts on tonight… The Death Penalty & New Media

I don’t have the emotional energy to write a full post – but I will elaborate on some of my tweets, copy and paste from some facebook exchanges, and try to overall present some semblance of an organized set of thoughts on the matter. On twitter earlier tonight in the flood of pre-execution last minute … Continue reading

Steve Jobs on what leads to good design

” A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences. So they don’t have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one’s understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have.” -Steve Jobs … good luck … Continue reading

News of the World

I’m surprised how little talk there’s been about this on major media, amongst my friends, amongst techies, and amongst smart phone users… This scandal involves a 163 year old newspaper (tabloid, but still… that’s a much longer life than some nations…) being closed due to hacking into phones to get information for stories. That’d be … Continue reading