Busy busy busy

It seems the times when one has the most interesting stories to tell is when one has no time to tell stories. Which I’m okay with. Currently both start ups I’m in are developing at an exciting pace which has me running up and down the valley to work with both teams. And thus despite … Continue reading

I wish community agreements extended beyond conferences…

One of the noteworthy things I found in LGBT organizing in college or in discussions on racial issues or feminist issues etc in conference settings is that one of the first rules for a productive dialog is to set community agreements. Some basic ones: One diva/speaker, one mic (Don’t talk over the discussion – listen … Continue reading

Features or Value

Mark Suster has a great post over at Tech Crunch that I highly recommend checking out. While the points are very obvious – the drive to update or improve other people’s ideas and do it better rather than innovate to solve a new problem – it is framed in the tech space where such imitation … Continue reading