State of the Union gut reactions (no research or follow up work done…)

Personally I wasn’t too impressed with the SOTU. It felt too focused on the military and banking without addressing the elephant in the room of #OccupyWallSt; there were too many military points without addressing increased militarization of civilian police. And given the number of on going battles on a state level against roe v. wade … Continue reading

Random Thoughts

I need to post about #OccupyOakland’s events from yesterday. But that would take a lot more mental energy than I currently have due to being out for so many hours yesterday, getting home late, watching the livestream deteriorate as things turned violent, waking up early for the first day of working at a new temp … Continue reading

Scattered thoughts on the Occupy movement.

I seem to fall somewhere between the two main trains of thoughts I see up on facebook walls, peppering my twitter feed, dominating the opinion pages and otherwise publicly being declared. There are those saying the movement is a time waste and naïve – often based on economics, lack of political tactics, haphazard strategy, etc. … Continue reading