This Massacre Was a Hate Crime – UCSB, Isla Vista, Feminism and One Alumnus’s Thoughts

An abandoned shoe in Isla Vista in 2008 Friday night there was a stabbing and shooting in my alma mater, UC Santa Barbara. I heard the news via facebook mere minutes after a young man drove through the center of Isla Vista in a black BMW shooting. For those unfamiliar with the community, UC Santa … Continue reading

Oximity Teaser

If you want to know what I’m working on these days… here’s a little teaser from Oximity!

My thoughts on Prop 8…

I could try to write something now but I feel like today’s ruling said so much that it speaks for itself…Page 38 was the best part in my view: “We are excited to see someone ask, “Will you marry me?”, whether on bended knee in a restaurant or in text splashed across a stadium Jumbotron. … Continue reading

Prop 8

Tomorrow’s Prop 8 ruling will likely cover three parts to the case… 1) If former U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker should have recused himself from hearing the case because he is gay and had a long-time partner with whom he was not married (and therefore might have an interest in marrying someday) 2) If … Continue reading

Why I’m not impressed with Komen (Despite changing their stance on PP)

Last night I was going to post about Komen and Planned Parenthood but today’s news changes that thought train but I still think it is worth commenting on. For background see Rachel Maddow’s summary from last night. Attacking Planned Parenthood is not new, so why is it so hugely different when The Susan G. Komen for … Continue reading

State of the Union gut reactions (no research or follow up work done…)

Personally I wasn’t too impressed with the SOTU. It felt too focused on the military and banking without addressing the elephant in the room of #OccupyWallSt; there were too many military points without addressing increased militarization of civilian police. And given the number of on going battles on a state level against roe v. wade … Continue reading

Belated #RightsCon Reflection

The second day of the Silicon Valley Human Rights Conference felt very different to me. It began the same way – professionals in the hallway grabbing coffee and fruit before listening to speeches, watching critiques on the on stage content from the peanut gallery on twitter and then I remembered something… I’m sometimes an activist. … Continue reading

Random Thoughts

I need to post about #OccupyOakland’s events from yesterday. But that would take a lot more mental energy than I currently have due to being out for so many hours yesterday, getting home late, watching the livestream deteriorate as things turned violent, waking up early for the first day of working at a new temp … Continue reading

RIP Steve Jobs

My facebook wall is flooded. My twitter stream is overwhelmingly monolithic in perspective. Google is simply and elegantly stating the truth. Apple has a simple image, minimalistic text, elegantly design. It begins to hit home: Steve Jobs is dead. He is a man who’s influence is bigger than perhaps any contemporary will ever be able … Continue reading

Thoughts on tonight… The Death Penalty & New Media

I don’t have the emotional energy to write a full post – but I will elaborate on some of my tweets, copy and paste from some facebook exchanges, and try to overall present some semblance of an organized set of thoughts on the matter. On twitter earlier tonight in the flood of pre-execution last minute … Continue reading