So Gay… (in that 1950s way that actually means cheerful)

So this week I’ve got three pieces of LGBT news in the arts:

I saw La Otra Familia (The Other Family) at Cinequest in San Jose and WOW. Charming, nuanced, not cheesy, enough of a bite to be real and enough sweetness to tug at the heart strings. Basic plot is the son of drug addict is taken away from his mom after she has been missing for several days, and ends up being taken care of by a gay couple. We also see a lesbian couple go through the process of family planning, a couple that’s trying to adopt, and what family means to each of these characters. It is set in Mexico and thus is in Spanish, but if you see it at Cinequest it will have subtitles and the performances need no translation to be brilliant. If you have a chance – go see it!

I also saw No Look Pass, a documentary film about Asian American Harvard Basketball star (Not Jeremy Lin) Emily Tay as she works towards a professional basketball career, sharing her life with her family, and the process of coming out. While some of the shots were more the classic talking to the camera moments, the camera follows her through her senior year and the post-graduation period resulting in many touchingly honest moments when you forget about the camera and think only of the moments in her life. A unique sort of coming of age tale – I’d recommend it as well. It will be playing a few more times in the bay area at both Cinequest and the SF International Asian American Film Festival this month.

And this one I have not seen as it has not come out yet – but it’s a one day only play about Prop 8 titled “8” presented by AFER. The one day show’s live presentation will be raising funds for the Prop 8 repeal efforts however it will also be live streamed on March 3rd, 2012, at 7:30pm Pacific Time at With the likes of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, & Martin Sheen adding their star power – it should help both raise awareness of the case, and funds needed in the continued legal fight. It will also be on YouTube in case AFER’s site gets overloaded:


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