Prop 8 – Inequality that just won’t go away.

Seriously I’m tired of Prop 8. Today I woke up at 5:30 am to shower and get my self looking semi presentable (too sleep deprived to call it professional), drove to San Francisco, heard speeches in favor of equality at the rally prior to the courtroom hearing, then attended said hearing debating both if the Judge should be allowed a copy of the tape of the trial for his personal records and also if Judge Walker was qualified to hear the case or if being a gay man in a same-sex relationship means he had too much of a conflict of interest that would override his legal judgment as a federal judge. Sounds fun right?

I’m tired of this. I was tired of it when the measure was introduced. When it passed. When it was tried in state court. When it was upheld. When it was heard by Judge Walker – I was okay when it was repealed – until there was promptly a stay put on the verdict so it could be sent to the 9th circuit to debate whether there was standing for an appeal which was a question then sent to the state court. And now they’re going after the Judge’s ability to ruleon it too?

As if it weren’t insulting enough to have rights voted on, to have the judicial checks and balances questioned and politicized is just… frustrating.

I don’t have much intelligent to say on the matter right now – I’m tired from having woken up early, from sitting through Mr. Cooper’s insulting statements cloaked in legal rhetoric. And tomorrow or the day after there will be a ruling. So then I’ll probably have something noteworthy to comment on. But I urge you to read the court records, just read it.

Here – the liveblog done by Rick Jacobs (who was sitting one row ahead of me one person to the right while he wrote this… )

Just look at today’s events and read it and realize the implications of this because they’re serious. And I’m too tired from the lack of sleep to do this justice in anyway right now. I’m very glad that Therese Stewart was there speaking along will the entire No on 8 legal team with AFER and all the familiar faces I’ve come to know in the last 3 year roller coaster rides of rights/no rights.

But yes – check out my photos from today here:

And I will write on this later, I’ve got work for my start up in the meanwhile…


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